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Access instructions to the MoJo Botanica crowdfunding campaign have been sent, please allow up to 10 minutes for delivery.


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Access Instructions for the MoJo Botanica New Jersey Equity Crowdfunding Offering

1- Check your Email

In a few minutes you will receive an email with these instructions and a link to the Equity Crowd Funding NJ portal registration page.

The email will come from HELLO@MOJOBOTANICA.COM, and it's a good idea to add this email to you contacts so you never miss an important email from us.

Look for the subject, "Welcome to the journey, the MoJo Journey!"

2- State required information

Due to New Jersey state regulations and SEC requirements, your address must be verified since this offer is ONLY AVAILABLE TO NJ RESISDENTS.

3- Select MJB Funding inc. preferred shares offering (21+)

Select MJB FUNDING INC. PREFERRED SHARES (21+) to view the full offer details.

This offer is different from your average crowdfunding campaign, as you would not be investing in the 'idea'. You're investing in the business.

Which means you get preferred shares in return.

4- Learn about mojo

Once inside the crowd funding platform, you can watch our video and learn more about this equity investment opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside.

If for any reason you have trouble with the platform or you just have a question you want answered before jumping in... feel free to reach out to hello@mojobotanica.com anytime.

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