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Cannabis is an incredible tool for artists and connoisseurs like you on your journey to find inspiration, self-expression, and improved well being.

From exploring unique products and experiences to discovering the potential of cannabis, we invite you to join us on the journey to a more inspired and enhanced lifestyle.

That’s where we come in.





For artists, cannabis provides a state of relaxation leading to new inspiration, unlocking your potential.

The heightened sensory perception can help enhance the pathway towards more meaningful work.


Collaborative MoJo


We are passionate about creating a vibrant and collaborative cannabis ecosystem, and our cannabusiness incubator is a key component of this mission.

Our incubator leverages our expertise, resources, and network; assisting budding entrepreneurs to build a successful cannabis business.

Through this collaboration, we are pioneering the future of the industry and striving to create a more inclusive and de-stigmatized cannabis community.





At Mojo, we are committed to creating an inclusive cannabis ecosystem that empowers responsible consumption while destigmatizing the plant.
We pledge two percent of our revenue towards direct investments in the community through partnerships with non-profits and local municipalities.


Team MoJo


Tanmoy "TJ" Jadhav

Founder, CEO

KB Singh

Co-Founder, COO

Ankur Patel

Co-Founder, CTO

Invest in MoJo


We are thrilled to introduce our equity based crowdfunding offering and invite you to check out the video.

Visit our NJ Equity Crowd Funding offering for more information by visiting: SparkYourMoJo.co


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